Monday, September 1, 2014

I've done it again...

Forgotten to post for a small eternity, that is.

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant, with just 2.5 weeks to go until D-Day.  A couple of posts ago, I was saying spring was on its way.  Now I can say that sadly, Summer is very much over with.  I'm still very excited, but now well on my way to being very freaked out as well.  Not so much about labour, because I know it's going to be the most painful thing I've ever experienced, and I know I won't be able to mentally quantify that until it happens.  More about afterwards.  I feel woefully under prepared.  But there isn't that much more to do, not really.

The little monster has a name, though Mr. Wolfman and I are still going back and forth about what we'll call him day-to-day.

We bought his (extremely expensive) stroller and car seat and spent way more than I had planned.  But they're pretty amazing and we'll still have them if we decide to do this all again in a couple of years.  My parents got us a pac'n'play, which we had actually decided against buying, but it's fairly sturdy, and it will work perfectly until he's ready for a full-sized crib and to go into his own room.  We've also got a bathtub that's shaped like a whale, and all the clothes he could need until he's in 3-6mo.  And my sister threw us a baby shower and bought us a diaper bag and a bunch of bits and pieces, as well as making him a blanket.

I've also got a breast pump and granny panties and I'm working on making a couple of weeks' worth of padsicles.  So I'm set, apart from nipple butter (who knew I'd need that?).

Buuut... we still don't have a baby monitor, we still don't have bottles for him (I'm planning on breastfeeding, but I need some bottles just in case I want to go out/sleep or Mr. Wolfman wants to feed him) - we still don't have diapers (we have a few disposables, but I want to cloth diaper), we still don't have a little portable washing machine for the diapers... I don't know if we need a bassinet attachment for our stroller, I don't know if he needs one of those chair things for newborns.  I don't know what those chair things are called.  He doesn't have godparents.  If we got in a car accident and died on the way home from the hospital (morbid, I know), I literally have no clue who he would end up living with.  He doesn't have a winter coat, and even though I know he doesn't need them, I feel like a bad mummy for not getting him winter boots.

And he doesn't have a song.  Since she was about 4 months, I would sing to my niece over Skype if she started to cry, and when I finally saw her in person, that same song worked to immediately calm her down if she was upset.  It still does.  One bar and she's done.  I want a song like that for my son, and I feel like I'm
somehow neglecting him by not having come up with one yet.

We've moved and we're staying where we are for a while.  It's a 2 bedroom place, so the little monster will have his own room.  And he will have a crib, eventually, and diapers and possibly even one of those chair things.  And he'll have parents who adore him.

But, eek, it's all coming so fast.

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