Friday, May 23, 2014

23 Weeks and Counting


I've been very lax in keeping this updated and a lot has happened since my last post.

We went for our 18/20 week ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was very excited and very nice.  She even offered to change her relaxing background music, if it wasn't to my taste.  Much to my surprise, though, she wasn't allowed to tell us anything.  Not the gender, not if the little monster was healthy, nothing.  She said she could lose her job for telling, so I didn't push it.  It was wonderful anyway, seeing it swimming around in there, being all cute, seeing the heartbeat, etc.  Then Mr. Wolfman and I went for a nice long drive and took pictures and just had a generally fantastic day.

I eagerly called my clinic the next day to find out that they had received the results, but they weren't allowed to tell me anything either; I needed to book an appointment with the Dr... and the Dr. was going to be away for a week.  Then my new work decided to not give me a schedule and just tell me each day when I needed to come in next, so finally, a week after Dr. Illegible got back, I got in for an appointment.

He said everything was good, and looked healthy, but when I asked the gender, he said they hadn't put it on the report.  I just about lost it.  I did keep very calm, though, when I told him that I was going to be making an angry phone call to the ultrasound tech if it wasn't on there.  He looked again, and after playfully negotiating a bribe (which I told him would not be my firstborn), we found out...


It's funny, I kind of always felt like I would want a girl, but by the time we found out, I just felt like he should be a boy.  Like, it would be somehow wrong if he turned out to be a girl.  The gender-neutral blanket I was knitting is now done (all blue and green and teal) and I'd already bought some variegated blue, yellow, white & teal yarn for a hat, which I only held off on starting until my boy suspicions were confirmed.  I'm a little bit nervous because I feel like it'll always be a little bit easier to raise someone the same gender as you, but I'm so effing excited :D

The only thing wrong with the ultrasound was that they hadn't been able to see his left hand, so Dr. Illegible sent us to have another one in the city (400km away).  Luckily, we had plans to go there the next day, and the imaging centre was able to squeeze us in that afternoon.  Unluckily, they were pretty unprofessional and incompetent and when they couldn't find his left hand either (that, at least, wasn't their fault, it was just the way he was lying) after 45 minutes - and after 2 techs had had an exhaustive argument about whether what they were looking at were his hands or his feet (I could tell the difference, I'm not sure why they couldn't)--they lied and said that they could see his hand, and sent me away thinking that everything was OK.

So when I went to see the Dr. for my next checkup, I found out that they hadn't been able to see his hand again, and now, because I've had 2 anatomy ultrasounds with no left hand visible, they're sending me to a university hospital (again in the city) that specializes in obstetrics.  I don't know when, though.  Still waiting on a call from the hospital to schedule.

I think Mr. Wolfman is more worried about the hand thing then I am.  Dr. Illegible keeps telling me not to worry, and I'm actually really not.  That could be because I'm getting kicked and punched so much that I simply can't believe this child has any less than 4 limbs.  He may even have five or six.

I'm still very happy about everything.  The posts about us having to move (in a week and again at the end of July - and then possibly again in September) will have to wait for another day, because I'm not really in such a ranty mood.  Mostly I just wanna go lie down and work on my little man's hat.

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