Friday, February 6, 2015

Growing Too Fast

When the little monster was born, we were given this book which is all about kids, from newborn until (I think) age 4.  It has all sorts of handy stuff, like what baby poop should look like, how and when to introduce solids, etc., etc.  Each section has a little checklist of developmental milestones the child should reach in a given time span (0-3 months, 3-6, etc.).

As well as being ridiculously big, my little monster has already hit every milestone from 0-6 months, and several of the ones on the 6-12 month list.

Don't get me wrong; I'm beyond thrilled to have a happy, healthy, thriving baby, who seems to be (as I'm sure all babies seem to be to their parents) a complete genius.... but between this and the fact that it seems like every day I'm finding one more piece of clothing that's suddenly too small, I'm really starting to understand what people mean when they say your children's childhood goes by fast.

He's too big for his play yard.  He pinwheels in his sleep, and now he gets stuck because he's longer than the play yard is wide.  And the 'mattress' sags in the middle now, because he's too damn heavy (the crib is in the closet, the new mattress is in the mail.  It'll be set up in a week)... I mentioned before that he hangs off my lap when he nurses.  I haven't used the nursing pillow since he was about 2 months.  The hat that I started a couple weeks ago and finished making him today is already too small.

I feel so mushy and sentimental.  One of my favourite onesies made it into the too small pile today, and another one has maybe a week or two left before I'll have to admit defeat and add it as well.

Anyway, I should be cleaning instead of writing this.  The monster is getting his beauty sleep (not that the handsome little devil needs it), but he'll be up soon, I'm sure.

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