Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It's still pretty cool out over all, but today the sun is shining and there are some buds showing, so everything is nice.  I wish Mr. Wolfman weren't working today, but what can you do?

I went to the Dr. a couple weeks ago.  Got to hear the little monster's heartbeat, even though it took him a while to find it.  Dr. Illegible said not to worry about the fact that I haven't gained weight, that everything's looking good.  I did get told off for stopping my prenatal vitamins, though.... but the Dr. said I can take them on a full stomach, so they shouldn't make me as sick.  I still haven't got back in the habit of taking them every day, though.  I should really do that.

Tomorrow is our 18 week ultrasound (a couple of weeks late) and I will be 20 weeks and therefore actually half way done (according to the last ultrasound) - and, if the little monster cooperates, we should find out the gender.  I honestly think I'll be just as happy either way :)

We have first names for a boy and girl picked out and decided to wait on middle names until after we know the sex.  But the hardest part of naming is done, we're agreed and happy with what we've chosen.  We're not telling anyone the name until after birth, though*  I just feel like I don't want to hear anyone else's opinions about it, good or bad.

I start my new job on Thursday (got randomly fired for no reason from my last one**).  I'm excited, but a little nervous that I'm going to be easily tired out.  But, I have some swanky new office clothes, which should fit me until the baby arrives, so at least I know I'll look good.

Also, my sister gave me a huge bag of maternity clothes in colours she doesn't like, many of which are good for work, and all of which fit me pretty well, with a little extra room to grow.  And Mr. Wolfman bought me sandals yesterday (♥).  The only thing I need for the summer now is a bathing suit - and for the first time since I was 14, I'm happy enough with my body to wear a bikini.  I'm going to need one with ridiculous chest support, but I'm looking forward to being beachy.

That's it for me.  The last bit of happy is that the weather should be nice tomorrow, and Mr. Wolfman is off, so if all goes well, we're going to go somewhere nice, just the two of us, after the ultrasound.  He's so snuggly and lovely.

*except if we have a girl, I may tell my sister, since her husband really liked a girl name we were considering - which we're using - and I want to remind him where he heard it so they don't steal it by accident.
**I suspect because they found out I'm pregnant, but since my only recourse if that's the case is to go through the human right's commission, I'm not pushing it... but I'm also not being shy about telling people exactly what happened and why I left, if they ask.  It's a small town; they'll get theirs.

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