Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Thoughts on Circumcision

On my birth board, it's considered a violation to refer to male circumcision as genital mutilation.  Which is exactly what it is.

I mean, look up the word genital, look up the word mutilation and draw your own conclusion.  Unless you're mentally changing the meaning of one of those words, there aren't that many possibilities.

This is something I feel strongly about, obviously.  Anything that puts babies and scalpels in close proximity is something I feel strongly about. Especially when the reasons for doing so are so stupid.

The one, not-very-stupid, but I think very misinformed reason I often read/hear is that a circumcised penis is a healthier penis.  It's less likely to get dirty or infected, or have a funny smell.  It's weird to me that women with vaginae (which are a lot more complex) are so hung up on the idea that, left uncircumcised, their sons won't be able to simply wash their penises. It's not that hard, people (no pun intended).  Little baby penises just wipe clean.  And as long as it's properly cleaned, there is no increased risk of infection from being left intact.

Ok, on to the other (extremely stupid) reasons people get their kids cut...

Religion.  The stupidity of this shouldn't need an explanation, but I'll give it one.  What if your son doesn't follow the same religion as you?  What if your son converts to one of those religions where it's considered sinful to alter your body?  What if your God created your son exactly the way He wanted him to be? What if your religion is a load of crap, and you've just cut a chunk off your son's penis for the sake of a made-up invisible man in the sky?  If your religion asked you to cut off a piece of your child's ear or nose, would you do it?

He should look like his father.  Ok, one, ew.  Why the HELL would anyone want their son's penis to look like their sexual partner's penis?  Why?  Why would anyone care?  How often do you think your son is going to be comparing his penis to his father's?  Is your family made up of nudists, or does your son's father just let it all hang out?  Would you dye your baby's hair to match his father's?  I mean, that's a lot more noticeable in nearly every situation, and it'll hurt a lot less.  OH, PS, adult penises and child penises don't look the same anyway.

He'll feel self-conscious around his friends.  Do boys usually just sit around with their dicks out, taking notes?  Also, in most of the world, circumcision isn't the norm and in the West, it's now about 50/50, so...

Women Won't Know What to do with an Uncircumcised Penis
It's not hard to figure out.

It's Better to do it as a Baby (it doesn't hurt as much/he won't remember).  By this logic, we should all have carte blanche to do whatever the hell we want with our kids, until they're about 2 or 3.  I mean, obviously children don't experience pain the way human people do, right?  This is a huge burden off my mind, too, because I guess I can just leave my baby home alone while I go do whatever.  As long as I make it back before he starves to death.. it's not like he'll remember anyway.


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