Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year (resolutions and so forth)

Wow.  So it's 2016.  The year I turn 30.  And the third year the little monster will live in.

I tend to waffle back and forth on the idea of resolutions.  In 2009 I made 52, one for every week... I think I've done most of them, now.  This year, I went ahead and made some.  Only 3, but they're kinda complicated.

  1. Take better care of myself (body and mind)
    • Get into and stick with therapy.
    • Eat less crap
    • Exercise regularly
  2. Work on my writing
    • Finish writing, editing and illustrating 2 children's books & publish both
    • Create from scratch at least one additional children's book & publish it
    • Edit first draft of existing novel; get it professionally edited & published. 
    • (Ideally, get at least 3 of these published before my birthday.  I want 5 published books before I'm 30)
  3. Work on my education
    • Complete at least one of 2 auxiliary courses and figure out and implement a long term plan to complete my university degree.

I also have some Monster-related resolutions, but they include effort from both Mr. Wolfman and the Monster, so they're not 100% up to me.  But what I'd like to see:

  1. Potty train the monster before the end of the year.
  2. Wean the monster before the end of the year (or, you know, right now would be good)
  3. Get the monster in his own room
  4. Not really a resolution, but I would really love it if the monster would be sleeping through the night before 2017.
So, that's me.  Step one, call for a therapy appointment and a regular Dr. appointment* first thing on Monday.  I've already finished my last Dr. Pepper (from last night) and only put one of my normal 2 sugars in my latte this morning.

I think I'll go fold up the playpen so I can get going on MonsterResolution #3.

PS, I'll probably post a decent amount about the resolutions in the coming months, just to keep myself accountable.

*The symptoms I was experiencing were a false alarm (kinda bummed), but obviously something's up, so I need to see the doc and find out what (maybe thyroid?).  Dr. Illegible is away, and I got stuck seeing Dr. Condescension (and will have to see him again for the results of my bloodwork).

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