Sunday, July 26, 2015

Special Snowflakes

You ever notice that people who accuse other parents of viewing their kids as special snowflakes when it comes to milestones are actually the most conceited, special snowflakers out there regarding their own kids?

I mean, they're basically saying, MY kid didn't do that at that age; there's no way yours did.  Like their kid is the benchmark of the-most-advanced-a-child-could-possibly-be-ever.

I've been accused of lying about the monster rolling over at 5 days old. Why would a person lie about something like that? Is there some status that comes along with having your kid roll over that young that I don't know about? Because honestly, it was a pain in the ass.  We had to stop using his swaddle blankets. He was too small for his sleep sack, so we had to keep the temperature in the house uncomfortably warm at night.  Yay for my special snowflake, right?

Or, and this one pisses me off to no end - when people say babies at 6/7 months old can't be saying Mum & Dad, they're just babbling and making sounds.  No.  Parents who take the time to get to know their babies know the difference.  So yeah, sometimes my monster babbled mumumumum, and sometimes, he clearly was referring to me. There is nothing wrong with a young baby who "just" babbles and there is nothing particularly impressive about the parents of one who says a couple of words.  But just because one baby only babbles, that doesn't mean all babies that age are only capable of babbling.

There are a few women on my birth board whose 10 month olds have been walking for a while, say more words than my monster, whatever.  I'll admit to feeling a... pang of something bordering on disappointment that my monster doesn't seem to be as hugely ahead of the curve as he was - but it wouldn't occur to me to accuse these women of lying about their babies.

Ok, that's my mini rant for today.  Not much else going on, except that I'm trying to put off housework.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure my snowflake can say his name.

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