Friday, March 20, 2015


So.  My (not-so)little monster, who has two teeth and weighs in at over 20lbs, started solids yesterday.  He was nursing every half hour, and what with the current teeth and teething again, my poor boobs needed a break.  He's been showing all the signs of being ready for a few weeks, so Mr. Wolfman and I decided it was time.

We started with carrots and it was a huge success.  The monster gobbled them up like they were going out of style, and since then, he's been eyeing (and occasionally trying to grab) everything on our plates. He's not a big fan of his sippy cup, but I guess we'll get there.

I know iron-rich foods are recommended, but the list of suggestions is just ridiculous. Eggs, which you can't puree once cooked.  Tofu.  Various grains that, while unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, if they do, it'll be a bad one.  And then there's tapioca starch in the Gerber oat cereal I found.  As in deadly-if-improperly-cooked. No thanks.  I bought Heinz oatmeal cereal, which is iron rich, but even that has milk and potentially contains wheat flour. That'll be his very-closely-watched second food, but for a few days at least, it'll just be carrots and breast milk.

Also, pumping is impossible, it takes forever, I get next to nothing, and the little monster is having a bit of trouble figuring out how to use a bottle, since he's never really had to before.  No idea what to do, because I'm not sure I can stand six more months of breastfeeding.

Oh well, not going to worry about that right this second.  We videoed his entire first-food experience and he's a super cute and happy baby, so I guess we'll focus on that for a while :)

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